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Located in the Richmond area, features Bohemian cut crystal imported from the Czech Republic.


Visit our gallery to see the variety of vases, glasses, tumblers, bowls and other fine crystal we offer a large selection of imported glass fingernail files.


Award Winning Craftsmanship

Bohemian crystal products are excellent representatives of the feeling, precision and skill of detailed hand work. These products are admired on all continents. Proof of this lies in the fact that in 1974, the Bohemian Glass-works at Podebrady was awarded a high European distinction in the form of the Gold Mercury.


Dignity and Variety


Our world offers great diversity in color and texture.  This diversity finds expression in the soft beauty of decorative crystal. The range of decoration techniques, together with high quality blown crystal glass, creates a unique combination of products intended both for festive and everyday occasions. Naturally, they are also suitable as a very special present.


The factory designers at Bohemian Crystal have applied significant innovations to the original technology of engraving by using wax to create an affect known as Impression. Graceful carafes and enchanting goblets are produced by high-quality blowing technology that forms the base of their unique design.


Dignity and Variety


The beauty of a home lies in details. Glass seems to have been brought into existence just to enhance a home's character, charm and style. The variety of glass products is a guarantee of their uniqueness and splendor.


The range of decorating techniques are mutually interchangeable through a carefully selected and functional assortment of vases, trays, bowls, decanters and goblets.


At  Czech Crystal, we offer many varieties of crystal, including items enhanced by painting, matting and sandblasting, golden and platinum banding, high enamel, pantograph, screen printing, decals, spray coating and engraving. The spectrum of shapes and designs offers unique crystal glass products both for festive and everyday moments.

What Makes Bohemian Glass so Beautifully Special?

Hand Cut Bohemian Chrystal

Lace Cuts

High Enamel Overlay

The fame of Bohemian cut lead crystal is founded on the incredible creative ability of Czech glass-makers and cutters. Their skill, diligence, patience and perfect concentration are essential for the creation of their hand-made crystal products. The largest producer of Bohemian cut crystal is the Sklarny Bohemia Glass-works at Podebrady, which ranks among the best in the world.

Sklarny Bohemia Glass-works carry on the long tradition of lead crystal related with the trade mark BOHEMIA. The rich traditions of skilled manual work have found their reflection in today's wide range of decoration techniques, including various methods of painting, matting, engraving, etching and sand blasting. Fine patterns, both rich and simple, are skillfully applied on products designed for traditional formal dining and home decor.

Among typical Bohemian decorations are the lace cuts, which clearly define the Czech glass-cutting school. In this decoration, the sparkling glitter of 24% lead crystal displays the culture of artistic craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation. Typical properties of lead crystal - its purity and a high index of light refraction - give their best effect on cut decorations being an art whose craftsmanship is present in Sklarny Bohemia offer to the utmost.


These products are excellent representatives of the feeling, precision and skill of manual work, which no machine can replace.


Bohemian high enamel represents a real heritage of past generations: the heritage of glass-maker's craftsmanship and distinguished taste. Glass decorated by hand painting is one of the oldest decorating techniques. A plastic effect is achieved by applying multiple enamel layers. Gradually laid enamel colors are fired on, which makes this technique more elaborate.


Presently a range of decorative glassware is offered in dark blue, green or ruby, to which fine enamel colors are sensitively added. In spite of their historicist character, these articles integrate well with both classic and modern home interiors.


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